domingo, 6 de octubre de 2013

Marcia Barrett of Boney M. - Eddy Grant Interview

Eddy Grant talking about his first meeting with Marcia Barrett of Boney M., recording in the studio with Marcia etc.

lunes, 1 de julio de 2013


"Hooray! Hooray! (Caribbean Night Fever)" is a Double A-side Boney M. single from 1999 with a new remix of their 1979 hit "Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday" and a Megamix of their hits "Brown Girl in the Ring", "Hooray! Hooray! It's a Holi-Holiday" and "No Woman No Cry", all taken from their remix album 20th Century Hits, released at the same time.

sábado, 15 de junio de 2013


"King of the Road" is a 1964 song written and originally recorded by country singer Roger Miller. The lyrics tell of a hobo who despite being poor (a "man of means by no means") revels in his freedom, describing himself humorously as the "king of the road". The song has been covered by many other artists, including Boney M. "King Of The Road" was recorded during the sessions for Boney M.'s 1978 third album Nightflight To Venus.

miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013


Hoy hace un mes que nos dejaba María Antonia Abad Fernández, artísticamente Sara Montiel. Aunque durante toda su carrera, Sara actuó en innumerables programas de televisión en todo el mundo, la estrella manchega sorprendió a todos con una mini-serie espectacular para Televisión Española titulada "Sara y punto" (1989-90) donde interpretó docenas de sus grades éxitos musicales, actuó en segmentos humorísticos y presentó en cada programa invitados de gran popularidad, desde Luciano Pavarotti hasta Boney M., pasando por Charles Aznavour y Alberto Cortés. El grupo Boney M. liderado por Liz Mitchell interpreta dos temas y es entrevistado por Sara Montiel caracterizada de "Doña Barbara" en el primer programa de Sara Montiel "Sara y Punto".

jueves, 18 de abril de 2013


"The Dance For Peace Movement is co-founded by Boney M. lead vocalist Marcia Barrett along with Shaun O'Shea and Daniel Diezi. This movement encourages people to come together in peace and harmony... no matter of race, gender, religion, political orientation etc... Disturbed by violence and conflict around the world taking place in Mali, Syria, Afghanistan and many other nations. Marcia Barrett decided to do something and take a stand against mans inhumanity against his fellow man.. The message of peace and harmony is one that Marcia Barrett has carried throughout her long and legendary career. Together with the launch of her brand new single "You Can't Fight While You're Dancing"; Marcia has taken the opportunity to spread a message of Peace and encourages other artists to follow her in using their music and art to inspire the world to "throw down the weapons" and do something positive with their lives." Song: "You Can't Fight While You're Dancing" from Marcia's upcoming new album. Help spread the message! PEACE & LOVE!